Image Credit: Libby Gowen Photography

Image Credit: Libby Gowen Photography

Hi, I'm erin.

I'm a Freelance Writer, Director, and Creative Director.

I landed in New York after stints in London, LA, and my beloved hometown of Buffalo, and everything I’ve done, from studying classical acting at LAMDA to making branded content is rooted in a passion for storytelling and the written word.

Every writer has their way in, and mine is through character.  Whether I’m writing a screenplay or campaign, the first thing I do is find the character’s voice: who are they? What do they want?  What do they say about themselves? What do other people say about them? 

As a Creative Director I’ve created content and campaigns for many of the world’s biggest brands.  I’m a big idea thinker who roots all work in strategy.  I believe: 

  • Every project should start with a strong insight  
  • Good ideas can come from anywhere
  • It’s never acceptable to be an asshole
  • The best work gets done when the FULL team collaborates
  • Know your team’s strengths. Get out of their way and let them do what they’re good at
  • Creatives are happiest when they’re creating, both in and out of work

Besides the obvious joy I find in the creative work, I love to mentor and teach.  At VaynerMedia, I was instrumental in growing the creative team from 7 to 200 in just under four years, and have directly managed teams of 20+ creatives. I’ve also spearheaded education workshops on writing, platforms such as Wattpad, and soft skills such as how to gracefully give and receive feedback.

As a writer and director, I focus on screenplays and sketch comedy.  Having been an actor, I know how to write for and direct actors.  My pet project is a puppety, musical, indie rock kid’s tv show.

In spite of this VERY PROFESSIONAL bio, I have a dark, quirky sense of humor. When I’m not working or writing, odds are I’m cooking, hanging out with my husband and our Norwich Terrier Mimsy, or, if I’m so lucky, traveling.